WordPress 14 Days Course

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Saddam Kassim

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Course Curriculum

Getting started
Welcome to this Course (Must Watch) (11:00)
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Lecture 1- What is a Website and What is WordPress, it's advantages, etc (7:00)
Lecture 2 - What is Domain name, Web Hosting & How to buy? (20:00)
Let's see what you have learned so far (Quiz)
Domain and Hosting Module
Lecture 3 - cPanel Introduction, Business Email, SSL and WordPress Installation (12:00)
WordPress Installation (Updated -2023) (6:00)
Gifts Lecture: Download Elementor Pro and other Premium Plugins (4:00)
Web Development Module
Lecture 4: Changing the Theme, Creating the pages and menus (23:00)
Lecture 4(Part 2) : Astra Theme Sidebar Options (3:00)
Lecture 5: Creating content on the Homepage with Elementor (57:00)
Lecture 6: Creating content on the Homepage with Elementor (Continues...) (44:00)
Lecture 6.1: Set Frontpage (3:00)
Lecture 7: Creating Content on the About us page (17:00)
Lecture 8: Creating Content on the Services page (23:00)
Lecture 9: Creating Content on the Contact Page (19:00)
Advanced WordPress Integrations
Lecture 10: Custom Header and Designing a logo (31:00)
Lecture 11: Creating a Custom Footer (18:00)
Lecture 12: Adding Animations to Elements (8:00)
Lecture 13: How to Create a Backup & add WhatsApp chat to WordPress? (8:00)
Lecture 13.1: Where to access the core elements of WordPress? (5:00)
Lecture 13.2: What is FTP and How to use it? (6:00)
Lecture 13.3: Speed up WordPress website (19:00)
Lecture 13.4: WP Critical Error Issue Resolution (7:00)
Lecture 13.5: How to Uninstall WordPress in Hostinger (7:00)
Lecture 13.6: Make a Website in 5 minutes with Divi Theme (21:00)
How to Get Clients
Lecture 14: What is Freelancing and How to get clients?
Lecture 15 - Income sources of a WordPress Developer (22:00)
Lecture 16: How to add a Blog in WordPress (18:00)

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